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Rules: when you get this, give 5 facts about yourself then pass it on to 5 of your favourite blogs.

1. I got my provisional liscence today !!!?!?!?!!!

2. I love chocolate but i don’t like chocolate flavoured things (cake, milk, etc)

3. I haven’t seen the lord of the rings trilogy, the star wars movies, titanic, forest gump, and just about every other movie considered a “classic”

4. I’m state champion of champions for flugel horn (i’m sorry im just really proud of myself for that and also a super mega band nerd)

5. I know every word to the “see my vest” (the simpsons) cover of be our guest from Beauty and the Beast

Ok i have no idea who to tag but plz if you see this and want something to do, consider yourself tagged and do it!! :)

Maggie Smith should just be immortalised

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